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Research Support Grants

Annually, the Secure the Cure board members review existing cancer research projects and identify research organizations having the greatest need for additional funding to support research efforts. After a research organization has been identified, the board will determine a contribution goal for the fundraising year and plan fundraising events to meet or exceed the donation goal.

At the end of each fundraising year, Secure the Cure provides the research organization with a contribution from the donations collected at fundraising events.

Secure the Cure intends to provide fundraising support for not-for-profit research organizations who perform research for cancer cures and treatment. It is not the intention of the Secure the Cure to provide donations to organizations involved with pharmaceutical companies or "for-profit" entities whose primary function is supporting commercial sales of pharmaceutical products.

Cancer Patient Support Grants

Secure the Cure also provides assistance for families or individuals who experience financial strain due to costly medical bills related to cancer treatment.

Many families are affected not only by the emotional burden cancer brings, but also the financial burden. Economic conditions worldwide are affecting the ability for people to obtain cancer treatment at a reasonable cost. For those families not financially capable of obtaining quality medical care, Secure the Cure may elect to contribute a fixed dollar amount to help relieve some of the stress encountered while obtaining medical treatment.

Other ways Secure the Cure helps individuals or families from a financial perspective includes payment for services needed by those undergoing treatment for cancer.

Examples of services Secure the Cure may facilitate include but are not limited to:

      Transportation to and from cancer treatments

      Prescriptions payment assistance

      Meal support during holiday seasons

      Food delivery for patients receiving in home care

      Moral support for patients receiving hospice care

Logistics should be considered for each case as it is likely the individual needs of patients may vary. When paying for services or issuing one-time monetary grants, it is important to make payment directly to the billing entity to ensure the grant is used effectively.

All donations made to research organizations and through grants are reviewed and approved by the Secure the Cure board members. Secure the Cure board members determine the percentage of incoming donations allocated for donation to individuals and families in need during cancer treatment.